"The overall look of the rod is out of this world. I'm proud to own it and I must say you are a great artist. I will be calling you soon to build a 4wt for me." 

                                                      Jeff C.

"Thanks for the beautiful rod. It's at least a 11 out of 10."

                                                        Larry C.

"This rod is truly a work of art. the best built custom rod I have ever seen. Looking forward to getting the Sage ONE next."

                                                          Milt W.

" Product is as advertised. You can trust this guy 110% to do what he says."

                                                         Marco M.

"Jerry, just received my new rod today. Beautiful, can't wait to use it. Thanks for a great rod.

                                                          Jim D.

"I'm very happy with the rod. It casts really easy, almost effortless. Aesthetically, the rod is such a looker. Really cool"                                         

                                                            Ramon S.


Got the 4wt Thomas & Thomas today----WOW!!!!! If it fishes as good as it looks, I'll be the MAN on the river."



I invite you to shop ourFLY SHOPpage for the best quality flies you will find anywhere, at very affordable prices. We can also supply you with a fly rod to fit any budget, be it a custom or a factory rod. You will also find a variety of fly reels, lines, leaders and tippet not to mention waders and boots.

If you are in to building your own fly rod, we can supply you with all the components you need, from blanks to hardware and finish.

Our newest addition you will find is fly tying supplies, from several brands of hooks, to feathers and fur.

So, if you have not yet tried us for your fly fishing requirements, give us a try.

If you are visiting this site for a fly rod, you have progressed to the level in your fly fishing life, you want a custom rod. Just to stand and marvel at the workmanship, and to know there is not another fly rod in the world that is exactly like the one you are holding is a great start to your fly fishing experience.

I will build your rod to order or you can purchase one of my rods from stock. You contact me, we discuss your style of fishing and if your end use is fresh water or salt water, or maybe it is a combination of the two. You will have a choice of reel seat wood, cork grip, line guides and feather inlays. If you are a proud veteran, I can produce a military theme rod for you.

If you are fishing in the Montauk State Park or Current River area, stop by our shop at 803 Scenic Rivers Blvd, Salem and pick up flies, leaders, tippet or other fly fishing gear.

You order today, it ships today, AND REMEMBER, $29 OR MORE GETS YOU FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. Fast friendly service and quality products. International customers welcome.

I am proud to say, this is a Vietnam Veteran owned business.

And, Quality Fly Fishing Accessories 

In Memory of a great fly tyer, fly fisherman, employee and most of all, friend.

                                                R.I.P. Darrell Bentley 

Some Photos by Mike Dixon

Built on a T&T blank, an Elk Horn reel seat insert with Spalted Big Leaf Maple handle and fighting butt.  Lemke LC-5 reel seat .



Welcome to J-Cook Fly Rods

Our new shop located at 803 W. Scenic Rivers Blvd in Salem, MO.

The side of our new shop located at 803 W. Scenic Rivers Blvd in Salem, MO

Shop our fly shop, whether on line or in our spacious store located at 803 Scenic Rivers Blvd in Salem, Missouri for a variety of your favorite rods, reels and fly lines, as well as leaders and tippet. You will also find a very large selection of flies. Patterns that will do you well here locally at Montauk State Park and the Current River to patterns that catch fish out west or in the streams of the east.

If you are a rod builder, we have everything you need to build your own rods, from thread, guides, blanks and finish to the tools and wrappers.

We also have a good selection of fly tying supplies, so be sure to visit us on line or in our store.

Jerry Cook 

Custom Crafted Fly Rods